Empowerment through Martial Arts


Fife Kickboxing strive to provide excellent martial arts training in a friendly, supportive and inclusive environment, free from ego. Regardless of your goal, we can help you reach it.

kids kickboxing

Kids Kickboxing (9-11yo) classes aim to support the students to develop into capable martial artists, develop life skills and personal safety skills whilst making sure we have some fun.  As ages increase, so does our expectations on the kids in terms of self-discipline, effort and focus.  Our coaches are looking to encouraged and develop the beginnings of athletic ability in key areas such as speed, coordination and agility.  Discipline and respect are expected and rewarded. 

Classes are structured to provide a learning experience which is both fun and safe. The programme develops the students across a range of skills appropriate to their age.  Lessons are a mixture of partner drills, pad work, heavy bag work, sparring and some games and discussion time.


For ages

9 – 11

Social skills

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More about the classes… 

The children are rewarded through stickers and buy earning a series of coloured tags on their martial art belt.  Students work towards learning skills in four areas – MOVEMENT, DEFENCE, PUNCHES and KICKS.  Once a skill is learned and demonstrated a coloured tag is add to the students belt.

Classes are focused in developing fundamental martial arts skills with exercise along with increasing important life skills such as discipline, respect and self-confidence.

Students graduate up to Kids Kickboxing around their 9th birthday dependant on ability, height and maturity

Kids Kickboxing is available up to 3 classes per week, though most of our students train once or twice a week.  Students are enrolled to weekly classes and cannot alternate between class without agreement with of the instructor.

Depending on the confidence of your child, parents can walk-in with them for the first couple of classes to offer support and confidence if required.

Class fees are paid monthly by direct debit.  This is not a contract but we ask for one month notice of cancellation.

Joining fee £59 – This is a single payment that includes the club uniform and white belt.

Class fees start from £32 per month for attendance at one pre-booked class per week.


Click GET STARTED and we will email information on how to book.