Black Belt Grading 2023

Saturday 28th October was an incredible day at the studio. We gathered for our annual Black Belt and senior belt grading, and the energy in the room was fantastic!

Every single student showed determination, tenacity, and some serious grit. But it wasn’t just about showcasing strength; the genuine camaraderie and encouragement shared amongst everyone was tremendous. There was a collective spirit of pushing each other beyond limits, cheering for every kick, punch, and burpee.

Now, a special shoutout to our two new Black Belts – Lisa and Vickie! It feels like just yesterday they were taking their first steps in our Ladies Only classes. Their journey to this day, however, hasn’t been straightforward. From grappling with the challenges with injuries; long hours training; navigating through the global pandemic, they have never let any obstacle stop them. Their perseverance is a testament to what it means to trust the process and just keep moving forwards. And today, they stand tall, not just as Black Belts, but as examples of enduring commitment.

This achievement isn’t just about the individual though. It’s about the incredible power of a community that rallies behind you, cheering you on, lifting you when you fall, and celebrating your wins. I can’t help but express my deepest gratitude to our team who have poured their heart and soul into nurturing and guiding every student. A big shoutout to our friends, Nick and Lindsey from Endurance Kickboxing, whose presence and expertise on Saturday was very much appreciated.

So, here’s to every drop of sweat, every bruise, every class, and every cheer that echoed in the studio. Here’s to perseverance, to trusting the journey, and most importantly, to each one of you in our Fife Kickboxing family.

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