WKA European Championships 2023

Throughout a fantastic weekend in Motherwell at the WKA European Championships, our team embodied the spirit of martial arts, showcasing humility and respect. The level of competition they faced was higher than any we’ve seen at any of the Scottish competitions. Still, their determination, resilience and discipline saw them bring home 3 Golds, 5 Silvers, and 2 Bronzes – remarkable for a wee team from Fife.

Only a few students from the club attend competitions and fight competitively.  The opinion for this competitive aspect of training is a personal choice and we support and prepare our “squad” or “team” in weekly sparring classes and tougher weekend squad sessions.  Those that commit to this challenge are a true testament to martial arts tenets.

Reflecting on the weekend and drawing inspiration from the age-old adage, “It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war,” I had the following thoughts in process and preparedness.  While we champion values of community,  inclusion and respect, we ensure that when faced with challenge or adversity, we have the skills, strength, courage and resilience to defend and stand our ground.

We acknowledge and recognise the balance between nurturing life and growth like the farmer and defending it as the warrior.  We pride ourselves on our self-control, choosing to live with respect for others, but always ready to defend ourselves, our family and our friends at a moment’s notice. While every individual starts as a beginner, it is our persistent journey towards competence, resilience and self mastery that defines us.

It’s not about celebrating aggression but mastering it, keeping it under voluntary control. We believe in living peacefully whenever possible, but always having the capability and readiness to rise to the occasion. After all, true virtue lies not just in being competent but in choosing when and how to wield that competence.

To our supportive parents, our guiding coaches Sophie and Derryn, and to every fighter/warrior who took to the mats with all the heart – thank you!!

I close with this thought. I’m not certain who this is attributed to but I love it!

BE STRONG, when you are weak
BE BRAVE, when you are scared
BE HUMBLE, when you are victorious

#FifeKickboxing #WarriorSpirit 🥋🏆🌸